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When I get I Sober

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When I get sober they say it's all over But I'm gonna rise above it
Gonna stop telling lies gonna dry your eyes I'm gonna rise above it
Gonna have self esteem gonna be like a dream
Yeah when I get sober
 Verse 1
Right now gonna change my ways Right now on this very day
I've got something to tell you about I've got something but I don't know how
Verse 2
Cause when I see you it all false apart It's hard to know just where to start
You see I've got this self imposed disease Can't you see it's brought me to my knees
Telling stories about it ain't enough to make it right
Won't you hold me a little closer Help me make it through
Verse 3
When look back I know I've done you wrong
But my pride keeps me hanging on
So if you see fit to look the other way
I'll be there till my dying day