1. Yahweh

From the recording Dave Stanley Band

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You oughta know that I'm all tuned in To your wicked and evil ways
Take it from me your gonna dearly pay For everything that you have done

 The lights they turn on and the memories come
And you bury your head in the sand
How do you sleep when the floorboards they creek
With every event from the past
 You do as you please and the casualties
Are falling down like rain
The path you have cut is deep and wide
The bottle are filled up with shame
 Well there is pie in the sky and the pigs do fly
And the moon that is rising is blue
Still you hang on to the same old song
When everyone knows its not true
Yahweh Yahweh 

Send me a warning send me a sign
Take me away from all this
I'll pay the price for my greed and sin I think its time to give in