Time to get all Bloggity…

Time to get all Bloggity…

Hey folks a quick update on Davey’s world…I went into Manicdown Productions studio on Thursday and laid down the vocal track for my new single that is coming out this summer!!…Really excited about this track! My good buddy Mr. Dan Swinimer is doing his engineering/producer thing with the track and we are getting closer. This song is dear to my heart and I will share the story at another time closer to the release. Look for a video with this tune. If you are on my mailing list you will hear this song first!!…You can get on the mailing list here http://www.davestanleyband.com

Started a new song with my friends from the “Shakers” songwriting team of Lucy Leblanc, from White Rock and Mark Dolin from Phoenix. I enjoy writing with these folks and this one is shaping up nice and catchy….Check out this one we wrote a while back  www.soundcloud.com/markdolin/just-cant-shake-it…Ms. Lucy is busy shopping this tune around to publishers and artist’s. Hurray for Lucy!! She is one of my heroes and Mark is a fun, awesome melody guy and a talented multi-instrumentalist.

I am deeply involved in a course I am taking with some friends online called “The Artists Way”…basically about helping you become more creative by removing things that are blocking you. I am digging deep and some cool revelations are coming out. I highly recommend this book!

Several songs in the works with Mathew Pownal,Matt Cairns,The Heels,Thomas Greco,Keith Lambert and more that I am sure I am forgetting.

This Summer will be filled with adventures including songwriting retreats and a few festivals sprinkled in…Oh and another web based course I am developing…more on that as it comes….Cheers my friends, hope to see you on the road somewhere this summer and maybe we will sing a song or two…God Bless!!

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