SAC Songwriting Challenge Week 2

Wow!…. I had a busy week of writing,several co-writes and I am taking a course on melody.Plus I have been asked to do a songwriting workshop(My first one!) and I needed to prepare for that.Did I mention I am in the middle of recording a EP? Also gearing up for a social media campaign regarding the EP.Oh ya I play in a classic rock band too!…Rehearsals this week for a private show.Oh yes and I run my own business and have a family too….I digress….Back to week 2, co-writing with my friends Lucy Leblanc and Michael Holland.This was a strong and productive co-write.Ego’s were left at the door,we were there to serve the song.Michael came in with a hook and part of the chorus and we just whiz banged it off in 3 hours!Its awesome working with like minded professionals.Ms.Lucy is excellent to write with and Michael has a ton of experience in recording and writing.I even contributed the odd line here and there….I’ve got to say I have never written a teen pop anthem before and it was certainly interesting trying to get into that headspace…..Link to the song is in Michael Hollands post…

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