Write on,Weddings and Whiskey

Ok lets see if I can tie this title together.

Writing.Oh yeah I do that!…I am excited to start a course on June 1st called “The Artists Way”.We will be digging deep together as a group and reconnecting with our inner Artists.Looking forward to the process and getting to know other writers in our group.I also stopped in to Manicdown productions this week to lay down the scratch track for a new song that I am hoping to release within a month.I am really excited about this song and its message! Mr Dan Swinimer is in the process of doing his production magic.I cant wait for you guys to hear it!

Weddings.Hmm…I attended my second wedding in a week on Sunday.The first one was for my jamming buddies Clinton and Suzy.What a wonderful wedding! It had a 1940’s theme and the entire venue was decked out in 40’s garb.Fun! The food was tremendous! Of course there was a stage set up with full backline and They asked me to get up and play a few tunes.I did “Wicked Game” “The one I love” and a few others.The wedding this weekend was for my cousin Rick and his beautiful bride Wan.It was held in a freshly painted red barn.

I tried to upload a pic but this app wouldn’t let me! ..boohoo! Anyhow it was a fantastic spot for a wedding and I am so happy for my Cousin!!

Now for the Whiskey.I was at the notorious Roxy nightclub in Vancouver to Watch some friends perform,and yes the whiskey was flowing. First up were my new friends The Heels ….Awesome vocal harmonies from these girls and I am looking forward to writing with them! Go like their facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/theheelsmusic?fref=ts  .Next up was my friends Dan Swinimer and Jojo Mason.This team is Jojo on Vocals and Dan on Drums and songwriting/engineering/production.Jojo is an up and coming star.I love both these guys and they are going places.Catch Jojo at a show and you will see what I mean.They are releasing the first single to radio June 21st “It’s all good”…Love it, wishing you all the success in the world boys! Here is a pic of my brother Jojo Mason!! Twitter handle #Jojomasonmusic


Next up was the always stellar Rod Black.Rod put on a great show and has an awesome backing band.He played his singles “Keep on Keeping on” and “Long Gone”.Rod is worth seeing Live!  http://www.rodblackmusic.com/

Oh yeah for those that havent signed up for my email list for free tunes and exclusive preview of my new single….go do it! www.davestanleyband.com .

Plenty of co-writes and Jamming coming up for me but I will save that for another post….

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