Spring time recording and writing!!

Hey folks!…Its a beautiful spring time here in Vancity! I have been writing up a storm this spring with people from all over North America and England.

Starting off in York, I have been writing with my friend Mathew Pownal who recently moved  back to Britain.We have some pitch worthy songs on the go.Our song written with Lucy Leblanc “Slow”,started at REO Songwriting Camp last summer,was a given  an award as a “One to Watch” by the Nashville Songwriters Association (NSAI).

Now over here to the Colonies.Writing with Dennis Keith Lambert out of Knoxville Tennessee.A great writer and we have a good ol’ country tune cookin!

Over to Phoenix Arizona and Mark Anthony Dolin and again Miss Lucy Leblanc.We have one of the better songs I’ve been a part of this year and it will be pitched to Nashville Publishers shortly.Oh and the demo is killer!! Mark is a fine writer and musician and we will be working together again shortly.

Now Locally.First up Miss Lucy Leblanc.Lucy is a real treasure to the writing community.She is the glue that holds a writing session together.I have several great songs in various stages of completeness with Lucy and other writers.She is always going to Nashville and developing relationships with Music industry folk.I Love Lucy!!

Almost forgot out of Calgary Mr.Troy Kokol. A prolific and talented writer with top 40 credits to his name.We have a cool chorus on the go and will develop that with an artist that he is working with.Troy is a humble and gifted writer!

Other local writers I have been working with this spring include the awesome Elias James and Thomas Greco.Some cool songs in the works with these great writers and musicians.Also wrote with a new friend Andy Warren at the YVR Songshop. A great experience and a Rocking tune!…Also my good friend Writer/Recording wiz Michael Holland.A fantastic production on a latin tune that was a whole lot of fun.Michael has a blog on recording http://www.wigglytoesmusic.com An awesome resource!!

Now the Man.My friend,Co-writer and Producer,Mr Dan Swinimer . Dan is the man who brought my first album to life a few years back.Songs like “Bobby Orr” and “Dont go Downtown” Lights out” and my personal favourite “Sour in the belly” would not have happened without Danny Boy!!…I will be hitting Dans Studio,Manicdown Productions, again this week to keep plugging away at my EP…Good things take time…  Thank you all for your support, and I cant wait for you to hear some of these killer tunes we have been working on!!  God Bless.

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