Father its been a week since my last confession,yes I am writing again and a thousand hail Mary’s couldn’t stop me!

I Started my “The Artists way” book with some other writers today.Got up a little earlier than usual and wrote my “Morning pages”,which is three pages of whatever you want.Just free flow whatever,and don’t judge it. Took me half an hour.I wrote some cool stuff and I am looking forward to my progress.Someone mentioned you could just do 2 pages or 10 min. I think I will try to stick to the 30 min.It will be tough slogging ,but from what came out today,it will be worth the time.

On the performing front,I had a reunion of sorts with Nick Burnett from the old band.We played a set,including 1 original “Bobby Orr” at the Loft pub and as I write this I am at The Heritage Grill in New West at the open mic,jamming with some friends.

Today I wrote with Lucy Leblanc and Elias James for my morning session.A sweet song with a interesting hook.Digging deep on this song! In the afternoon I wrote with Matt Cairns.We did a lot of laughing and started sweet hooky summertime type tune.Looking forward to hearing how this one comes out.Good times!

Tomorrow writing with the The Heels an awesome vocal group.Really looking forward to it!Also writing with Lucy Leblanc again and Mark Dolin Followed by my friend in England,Mat Pownall. Looking forward to seeing how those tunes come out!

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