Carry on my wayward Son

Hey folks I am still here!

I am grateful for you all sticking with me.I have not written since my CD release party.
It was a huge success and the place was jammed to the rafters.A fitting tribute to 
My late Uncle Rowland.Many thanks to all who attended and performed.Such a great bunch
of people in my corner!

What have I been doing? Well I am glad you asked!...I have spent over two years making content for and designing
a website for teaching songwriting and it should be live within the next few weeks. Whew! That was a lot of work.

Also the songwriting never stops....I dont share a lot of new songs because most of them are meant to be pitched in
Nashville,and most of my co-writers would rather keep them under wraps for now....But here is a new one I just did a rough
scratch track of and I thought I would put it out there.....A little more of a heartbreaker than I usually put out ....


Click here to hear the new tune