Please I am begging you!

Actually I’m not…Um maybe I should back up…

Hi everyone! I’m releasing a EP! Whoohoo! I know,I feel like the boy who cried wolf. I have been talking about this for a few years but its really happening.The music is mixed and mastered. The art work  is being worked.

Ok back to the begging. You must have seen a few of those kickstarter things where musicians ask you to pay for their projects. You know,donate money and you will get some kind of perk,a signed album,T-shirt etc. Well,thats one reason this project took so long. I really struggled with this idea. After all no one asked me to make music. I finally let go and funded it myself,hoping to recoup with album sales and CD release party. This is not any kind of slight to my friends who have done these campaigns. This is about my own comfort level with this idea. I am not saying I will never do it but not with this particular project. So I am putting up the money myself for this one. I am really curious as to your thoughts about this…Really…

Enough of that. On to some more news.

Me and Mae have entered the charts with a song I wrote with the talented Dan Swinimer “Only Live Once” . Go Me and Mae!!! Another tune I wrote with Lucy Leblanc and Mark Dolin has been making waves with a few publishers. We call our songwriting team “The Shakers”. Polished up a new tune with my friend Matt Cairns at the brand new Socan writing room. Great song and a great guy! Thanks to Barbara Sedun and all the staff at Socan! I also wrote a fun tune this month with BCCMA producer of the year Jeff Johnson. Jeff is super talented and a real fun guy to write with. He’s written and produced a ton of acts including George Canyon, Wes Mac, Madeline Merlo and the new Chris Buck video a fun catchy tune!. Im also enjoying writing with my friend from England, Mathew Pownall. We have a old school Country song in the works.So much fun! I’ve also got cool tunes in the works with my buddies Thomas Greco and Dennis Keith Lambert.

Well, I’ve bent your ear long enough. I’ll try to blog in the next few weeks with details of a CD release party and a brand new project!

God Bless,
Davey D.

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